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Lifestyle Financial Planning

Lifestyle financial planning is a new approach to financial planning. It’s a plan built around the lifestyle you choose and wish to maintain throughout your and your family’s life.

Brierie Financial Planning can provide you with a clear image of what your finances are like today and help you manage them into an understandable picture of what your financial future can be. With this vision, we can help you secure and maintain your desired lifestyle without the fear of your money running out.

Lifestyle Financial Planning requires you to answer the big questions to establish:

How much is enough?

How much do you need to enable you to live the life you want without the fear of running out of money?

What is your number?


If I can imagine my perfect life, what does it look like? What does it feel like? What does it involve?

Your Wants ?

~   Where would I like to live?
~   What would I like to own?
~   What would I like to do?
~   What would I like to experience?

Why ?

Why do I go to work? Is it freedom and independence? Is it for my and my family's security? Is it for peace of mind or simply to have the nicer things?

If you want the answers to these big questions, please contact us to arrange a meeting with Martin our Financial Planner.

As Financial Planners working on your behalf, we wear three different hats:

The Lifestyle Planning Hat - The hat we wear when understanding what you want for your life.

What are your hopes, aspirations for the future and financial goals? How much money do you want to retire with? What motivates you? Why is money important to you and where to you see yourself in the future?

The Financial Planning Hat - The hat we wear to do the maths.

We need to ascertain what you have coming in and what there is going out. From this thorough conversation with you we will create a cashflow model and this will indicate whether or not you are on track to achieve your goals. The cashflow model will highlight any gaps you may have in your financial structure or conversely, if there are surplus funds for further investment.

The Independent Financial Advisers Hat - The hat we wear when creating the solution.

We will build a plan around the facts we deduce from the cashflow model and from the information you gave regarding your hopes for the future. If there is a gap, we will advise you of a solution to help bridge it to keep you on track. Where there is a surplus, we will look at improving your goals. We wear this hat when implementing the plan that we have decided upon, whether or not that involves new products, or rearranging your existing affairs to make them work better for you.