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It's what you do in the dash!

What does that mean? You know when you see a gravestone which says " person’s name" followed by the date they were born, then a dash, to the day they passed.

Well the ‘dash’ is the bit in the middle – the most important part – life! YOUR LIFE!

When I speak with clients I listen to what people really want in life. I see myself as having three roles.

  1. Life Planner
    This is the part where I find out where you are in your life now and where you are trying to get to. I often remind clients that life isn’t a rehearsal and precious time is slipping away, as robin once said to batman “We haven’t got a minute to lose”.

  2. Financial Planner
    This is where I look at all the resources available to you now and in the future, and where we crunch the numbers to work out what needs done, if anything, to help achieve the life you want.

  3. Lastly Independent Financial Adviser
    This is where we would select the most appropriate investment vehicle if the plan dictates we need to. It’s all about taking the least risk possible in the most simple but effective way to reach your goals.

We discuss with clients the truth about money and help to answer a few big questions e.g. when can I stop doing the things I don’t like to do and start doing more of the things I like? It’s not about what’s the best ISA or should I go for a stakeholder or a SIPP. Why do you want the best ISA? Or best pension? It’s usually to reach your goals quicker, but what are your goals? What gives your life meaning and what kind of lifestyle do you want in the future?

If you were to die tomorrow, would you have any regrets? Are there things you have not done or wanted to do? There are many people who live and die but have never actually lived their life – what do I mean when I say that? Do you have things you want to achieve in your life or do you have something you have always dreamed of but weren’t sure they would ever be a reality or not? If not, why not? Too expensive? No time? There will always be things that get in the way so we trundle along and may never fulfil our life’s destiny.Life is about achieving the things we want to do.

I have been fortunate to meet many interesting characters and with fascinating stories of their experiences. Of course, they are all individual and their experiences mean a lot more to them than you or I. I count myself very fortunate when I meet new people for the first time. That’s the most exciting part of my job.

I listen to what people really want in life and work out whether we can make their objectives a reality. Most people save their entire lives until they reach state retirement age then continue to save. Why is this? It’s because they don’t know if they will have enough money to last the rest of their life. People are living longer now as according to the Scottish Public Health Observatory, life expectancy in 1980 was 75 and has now increased to 81 years. Also at retirement most peoples’ income usually drops by about a third or sometimes half! So it’s almost like taking a pay cut of 50% of your income. If you were to take a 50% income drop just now, how would that effect your standard of living? What would you do? I would imagine you would have to either spend less than you do now, work longer than you wanted to or work harder to earn more money than you do? Are any of these a possibility or would you want to do any of these? My guess is NO, you wouldn’t! While goals are important, having a plan is essential to the success of those goals. Having a goal with no plan is like wanting to travel to a new destination without having a map. So, what can you do about it now? Create a plan, a Lifestyle Financial Plan.

I am conscious that the conversations I have with clients, they have probably never had with anyone else before, let alone a Financial Adviser. Sometimes it’s the case that life is so busy they may not have even thought about before. Yes, we probably have all fantasied about winning the lottery what we could do with £20 million jackpot, e.g. buying an eco-island like Richard Branson or owing a G6 private jet. But that’s not really what I am talking about. When clients approach me they really just want to know a few simple things such as “Am I going to be ok?” and “Will I be able to LIVE MY LIFE without running out of money?”. The only way I can establish this is to work out a plan, a Lifestyle Financial Plan.

Lifestyle Financial Planning is all about YOU! And to do the things that YOU want to do! Life has so much to offer us all. If you retrospectively look at your life, have you achieved all the things you wanted to? If not “how would you like to be remembered?”.

Brierie Financial Planning is built on the principle of helping clients achieve the things they want in life, don’t wait until it’s too late, the clock is ticking……..